Our Camp

Night in the camp in Wadi Rum

→ Location of the camp

Our Bedouin camp, located in the heart of the Wadi Rum protected area, is simple, authentic and comfortable. It is on the border of the white desert, in a unique and beautiful place, isolated and far from any other tourist camps.

Our programs, which offer the night in the camp, are a way for you to discover Bedouin life and Bedouin culture more comfortably. We have made sure that our camp has the equipment you need, so that you have the best time.

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Solar panels are there to provide light and electricity. We are respectful of nature and we do our best to protect it, so many garbage cans are offered around the camp, as well as in your private tents to ensure that no plastic will fly away with the wind in the desert.

What matter to us is for you to live a unique & authentic experience. Bringing comfort is as important for us as sharing the bedouin culture. We mix both for you to have the best experience ! We aim to keep the camp as simple as possible , we are not looking to make a luxury camp with bubbles, as we want to protect the desert. And stay as true to our culture as possible 🥰

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→ About the camp

Our camp is in an ideal location for small hikes at a short distance around the camp, which are waiting to be discovered! At Wadi Rum Magic Tours, we aim to keep the comfort, cleanliness and proper functioning of the camp, but keep in mind that we are in the desert!

We hope that the location of our camp will allow you to discover nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, far from other tourist camps, to allow you to experience adventure and a taste of Bedouin life.

Our camp has a shared bathroom. For the night, you will have a private tent, and the big tent is at your disposal to spend the evening and also to enjoy a good little fire with the bedouin tea.

In summer, we usually sit outside in the evening, where you can enjoy our beautiful starry sky.

People who wish to sleep outside under the stars while keeping the comfort of the camp will be able to take out their beds outside the tents while staying in the camp area. It’s particularly pleasant to do in summer. If you are not sure on where to put your bed, you can ask for help from the guides and our team on site 🙂

→ Tours available

Here are all the tours available with the night in the camp, if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by message on  WhatsApp on the following number : +962 7 7926 3164 🙂