Travel Information

→ How to come to Wadi Rum

✧ By Bus



The first option you have is the JETT Bus, it leaves at 8 a.m. from Aqaba and arrives at 9 a.m. in the Visitor Center.
And from the visitor center we will come to pick you up.

If you are without a car, this is the perfect option to arrive on time for a tour that starts at 10 a.m

Price : 15 JOD / person


The second option is the local bus which leaves the bus station at 1 p.m. If you want to be sure o have a sit you can go a bit in advance. You will arrive in around an hour to Wadi Rum and  he will be able 

Price : 5 JOD / person 
If you wish to go to Aqaba by bus it will leave at 6:30 a.m for the same price. 


From Petra you have a local bus that leaves early in the morning, around 6 a.m. But we will confirm the time to you once we discuss about it. 

Price : 10 JOD / person
From Wadi Rum to Petra it is the same price, the bus can pick you up from our house at 9 a.m



From Aqaba, we can book you a taxi from anywhere, the city center, south beach, Israel border or even the airport. 

South Beach : 25 JOD 
City Center : 25 JOD
Airport : 35 JOD
Israel Border : 35 JOD


From Petra the price is fixed, from any hotel we can book you a taxi for 40 JOD. 


From our village we can book you that can take you either to Madaba or Amman for 100 JOD

If you need a taxi from anywhere in Jordan who will bring you to Wadi Rum please let us know. We know several taxi drivers with respectful service and fair prices and they will bring you to our office.

→ What to bring

We take care of most of your needs in the desert however we do have a list of recommended items to bring with you on our tours :

1- Small bag to carry personal items
2- Head lamp
3- Flexible shoes for hiking
4- Jacket during the fall and winter months (September – March)
5- Sunscreen – Hat to protect yourself from the sun

Towels are not provided.

→ Payments

No deposit is needed when booking and there is no charge for cancellations.

We are trying out an online security deposit payment via the booking form. This is a voluntary deposit, and is for people who would like to pay a deposit to book.

We can only accept cash payment in JOD (Jordanian Dinar) before you leave at the end of your tour. But with prior agreement we can sometimes accept other currencies (EUROS or US Dollars).

Please  note, there are no ATMs in Rum village and no facility to take credit card or visa payments so you must bring cash JD with you.

→ Our meeting point

Buy your ticket to enter the protected area, 5 JD, from the Wadi Rum Visitor Center (this entrance fee is free if you have the Jordan Pass).

Afterwards drive 7 km to Wadi Rum village and we will meet you at the Rest house in Rum village.

If you do not have a car or you come by bus or taxi, let us know and we will meet you at the Rest House in Rum village.

→ Where to park your car ?

After meeting in the Rest House of our village, we will ask you to follow us to our house. You will be able to park your car there while on tour. 

→ Languages Spoken

We speak English & French.

We invite you to contact us in the language you feel the most comfortable with, and we will answer accordingly.