Bedouin Brothers

Wadi Rum Magic Tours is a family owned and operated business managed by Mohammad Farg Al Zalabeih. We are Bedouin Brothers living in the heart of the Wadi Rum desert (a UNESCO World Heritage).

We specialize in camel rides, jeep tours, hiking, scrambling and trekking along a spectacular series of sandstone mountains, valleys, and natural arches, as well as a range of narrow gorges, towering cliffs, massive landslides, and dramatic cavernous weathering forms displayed.

Our aim is to give our guests excellent insight into Wadi Rum’s amazing nature, as well as the Bedouins culture. Therefore, we create our tours according to our visitor’s wishes and requirements.

You can join us from one day up to fifteen days.

Do not lose the opportunity to experience a Bedouin once in your life feeling and the silence in the middle of the desert.

Come and join us!