About us


Who are we ?

My name is Mohammad Farag Al Zalabieh, I am a bedouin born in the desert of Wadi Rum. I grew up here and since a young age, I have been working in tourism. I started working with my cousins when I was 15 years old.

In 2017, I have decided to open my own company, as I wanted to welcome people from all around the world as well, and make them discover our beautiful desert.

Our bedouin team

With my team we are very happy to welcome you to Wadi Rum & organize your stay. My guides were born in the desert, thus they know the desert by heart, they will show you the best places and the most beautiful views !! 

They all speak English, which will help you communicate and ask them anything you want to know. They are talkative and love to joke. Who knows what expressions they could know in your native language !!

They have been working since a young age to build their lives. Such as preparing for mariage, building their future homes and take care of their herds ( camel, sheep or goats )
They are hard workers who love sharing their love for their land, culture and history. They will be able to share with you moments not many know about.


Make your stay in Wadi Rum Magical & Authentic !

You will have many possibilities offered to you, when contacting us you can speak about what you wish to do or discover. On our side we will organize the best trip according to your wishes. Even if the program you want isn’t on the website, you can talk about it with us and we will organize it for you.

Between the jeep tours, hiking tours & camel tours many options are available. 

Sharing tours are available, however, groups won’t be bigger than 6, as we want to ensure that you have an authentic and unique experience. You are also here to enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of the desert.

We will make sure you spend the best time, while discovering the beauty of the desert, our culture and traditions. 

And believe me at the end of your trip you will leave with unforgettable memories !! 🙂