Upcoming Sharing Tours - 2022

We are happy to welcome you to Wadi Rum and make you discover the beauty of the desert! ☺️ 
If you are interested in sharing your tour, we invite you to check the options available below. 
You can also contact us by email in French or in English :  wadirummagictours@gmail.com or by WhatsApp at +962 7 7926 3164

You can also book your tour directly by filling the form and we will assist you to organize your stay ☺️

November 2022

→ MON 7th
Full Day jeep tour + overnight 

→ TUE 8th
Hike to Jabal Al-Hash + overnight 

→ FRI 4th
Half Day jeep tour + overnight 

→ SAT 12th 
Full Day Jeep Tour + overnight 

→ WED 16th 
Burdah Arch + overnight 

→ FRI 18th 
Full Day Tour 

→ THU 24th 
Full Day Tour

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