4 Days 3 Nights Camel Tour Sleep Under The Stars

We propose you a program to spend time in the desert with camels. They are very kind and friendly animals, you will get to live like the Bedouins before. Each of you will have a camel as well as your guide.
Before camels were used by our ancestors to carry staff, since they could travel several days in a row without drinking water, it helped them being able to move places to paces.
With this program you will get to see the old Bedouin way of life, you will eat the same food they used to eat, you will be sleeping under the stars, living around and with the fire. You will learn to make the bread on the fire and prepare the traditional food.
Each nights you will be moving and changing places, you will sleep each nights in a different cave and part in the desert under the stars.

This program goes from 4 people and up.
4 people 350 JD/person
5 people 320 JD/person
6 to 10 people 300 JD/person

Note that these prices include : the camels, the guides, the night, the equipment for the night, a jeep to carry the staff, the meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), a private cook to prepare the meals.